I’m living abroad now for the third time in my life, I spent a year as an Au Pair in New York and after that one semester in Paris in student exchange. And now in Seoul, studying again in Korea University. Even though I’m pretty much 100% finnish I’ve heard about my “russian looks” countless times… In Finland random people don’t come and ask from where someone comes from, but in many other countries, oh yes!

I don’t consider myself looking finnish and even some of friends in Finland have asked if I’m really originally finnish. Pale skin with a black (dyed)  hair is apparently often associated with the Eastern Europe… Not that I mind, I actually love it when nobody thinks I look like a finn as I’m not a big fan of Finland myself (winter sucks, and the people as well). But anyway, while living and traveling in the States people were constantly asking whether I was Russian or Ukrainian. Same happened in Paris. I lived close to Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coeur (big tourist attractions) and sometimes when I went out around my neighborhood, I heard: “Hey, русский/девушка/красивая!”

I’ve often been inspired by these experiences, I even studied a little bit of russian and whenever I’m drawing, it’s every once in a while russian dolls. I sometimes like to take elements to my style from the traditionally russian style of clothing. Now, when in Seoul people ask me from where I come from and I tell them to guess… Too often I’ve heard “Ireland, Scotland, England”… Really, my english is good, but I don’t sound american anymore. :< And here my appearance is not associated with the Eastern Europe. Although it was kind of cool that a girl from Manchester asked if I were british…

So, I went shopping about a week after moving here and found this scarf!
Skärmavbild 2013-03-14 kl. 22.12.58

The tag says “made in Korea”, but it’s totally russian style. Ever since, without telling people to guess, they’ve always asked if I come from Russia! I met a girl from Russia about a week ago, when I was wearing the scarf. She was surprised to hear that I come from Finland and not Russia, “because your scarf is really russian style”.  🙂  It’s funny how strong association a piece of accessory can cause. I love it.

Having a mind of a 12-year-old boy.

So, at the moment I’m studying here in Seoul in Korea University. I only go to school from monday to thursday and have plenty of time between and after my classes (no work, no gym). Back in Finland I didn’t have much time to do all the fun stuff I wanted, which mostly includes watching movies, drawing, photographing, etc… So now, finally,  I have plenty of time to do what I want!

The weather in Seoul is of course, better than in the land of ice and snow (Finnnland), but still a bit too cold for me to just go out with my camera without having to wear my lovely mittens…. So I’ve decided to stick to indoor activities until the weather gets a bit warmer, which is hopefully next week. 

My sense of humor has always been controversial and in too many situations I really have to think about what I can say out loud. I love irony and don’t take my self too seriously. I’m not easily offended, but I know that some people might be. Anyway, probably the most amusing way, for me, to spend time is to watch South Park, my all time favorite TV-show… Been watching it since I was 11 and still it always makes me laugh.

But, after seen all the episodes several times I started to think about other TV-shows I’d like to watch. And the first one that popped into my mind was of course, Jackass! The TV-show that has no point what so ever, but yet, makes me happy. I’ve now watched almost the whole first season and have had soooooo many laughs, I’ve tried to keep it down, since my housemates might consider me a schizophrenic. And I hate admitting that I’m a grown up woman and have been laughing at the same stuff for more than 10 years… Most of my friends prefer Desperate Housewives, O.C., Gossip girl, and all that GIRL crap. I never did.