High quality advertising.

I’m a business major student but for the past couple of years one of my favorite hobbies has been photography, graphic design, etc. Not that I’m great (just perfect), but I love spotting mistakes others have made.

Anyway, there are these two gyms in Espoo, (the city I live in, in Finland) that every once in a while advertise on the cover of the local newspaper. I couldn’t tell for sure whether the companies were related or not, but fitnessclub.fi had a link to ladyfitness.fi or whatever, so I guess there’s some kind of connection between these two. Here are some of the awesome print ads they’ve published. Enjoy!

Overall the ads are not that horrible (just look really cheap with the stars or whatever), but I just love the way the people on the ads are clipped out of the original backgrounds…


The pen tool wasn’t probably good enough for this… So he/she used the eraser.

I love the extra grayish/black stuff around her arm. I also like the missing piece of her leg.

They probably loved the picture as much as I did, and decided to use it on their webpage.

The designer has clearly done some practicing. The woman’s thumb was probably missing initially…

The same picture from the newspaper cover on their webpage. The woman did have a thumb after all… I couldn’t quite figure out whether the couple on the right was originally on a white background, or if the white stuff between the man’s arm and body is just the towel hanging on his shoulder. Anyway, 19,90€/month is a pretty good deal!

This one is my ultimate fav! I love the way her hair looks so natural with the white and pink on the back. Also the white around her body works quite well.

There was also a poster as awesome as these (probably by the same artist) at the local shopping mall, where the ladyfitness place is located. Sadly it was removed before I managed to get a photo. :<

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