Finnish in Japan

During my trip in Japan I came across two shops with Finnish names. I noticed later both stores had “SM2” next to their own names, so I did a little research and found out there were four different store names under the SM2  brand. The stores I came across were ehkä söpö and olohuone. From the webpage I found also otan tämän “I(‘ll) take/have this one”  and keittiö “kitchen”.

The www-page was in Japanese so I couldn’t figure out whether they had any connection to Finland besides the names.

Ehkä söpö “Maybe cute” Harajuku, Tokyo


Olohuone “Living room” in Tokyo or Osaka, can’t recall where, but anyway, sweet!


A Swedish bag I found at a store in Tokyo. It says “Can I use your phone?” I don’t know if people actually buy this stuff. Most Japanese wouldn’t probably even recognize the language. It could say basicly anything. Or maybe they google before they buy…


My kind of shoes

I wear a lot of black and dark colours in general, but I always spice it up with something bright and colorful… It can be a purse a t-shirt print, jewelry, or shoes! I like buying high heels, they look good in my closet, but I rarely wear anything but comfy sneakers, ballerinas or anything flat in general. A few samples here:

Pink Converse shoes I bought in Korea to replace my black ones. I still want another pair of black shoes though.


Polkadot Converse shoes I bought for my self as Birthday present from Shanghai.


A pair of whatever shoes I found from Shanghai fake market. Will probably wear out in a couple of weeks, but looks pretty now! I like the ethnic style fabric with a lot of pink.


Pink sequin Converse one star shoes. From Ebay about a year ago. Very much my style.


A Chinese menu

Surprisingly in China there are Chinese restaurants. There’s one across the street from where I live, quite nice, pretty cheap and with an interesting menu!


Last night I decided to try “stupid eggs”. I liked them for two reasons, first, they made me feel smart, second, for once there was enough salt to match my heart attack taste. Very nice!


I also gave a try for “Burning hot mushroom, chinese cabbage and edible fungus”. I was fascinated by the “edible fungus” I never knew they’d serve inedible stuff in a restaurant, bit hey it’s China! There was a lot of garlic but “burning hot”? I don’t think it was…


They also had dishes called “Burn double mushroom” and “Spicy and flesh and blood”. Sounds delicious but I thought it would have been a bit too exotic, so I saved those for my next visit.

The dish called “Dry pan bacteria mushroom chicken wings”,  seemed pretty interesting, but I didn’t feel like a food poisoning tonight, plus I’m still kind of trying to be a vegetarian so I skipped that one.



So here it is! Stupid eggs, edible fungus, etc… I also had some rice which I was able to order with my fluent Chinese. I also wanted a diet coke but from what I understood they didn’t have it, so I had a regular coke instead. The coke wasn’t sweet enough, but other than that I enjoyed my meal very much.


Of course there was too much food for one person to eat at once, so I took the rest home. Enough for the next two days!



So I spent almost the entire weekend watching movies, again. I watched the both Ron Fricke documents Baraka and Samsara. They were kind of slow to me, but interesting with nothing but the picture and music on the background.

Anyway, in Samsara there was this scene with some kind of a tree in a desert, it was filmed during both, day and night and the daytime shot looked super familiar. I first thought I had seen a screenshot on but after a quick search, turned out it wasn’t there.


It didn’t take me long to figure out where I had seen it. I use snapseed a lot… It’s not exactly the same, the colors are less vibrant and the perspective a bit different, but still, very similar.