Finnish in Japan

During my trip in Japan I came across two shops with Finnish names. I noticed later both stores had “SM2” next to their own names, so I did a little research and found out there were four different store names under the SM2  brand. The stores I came across were ehkä söpö and olohuone. From the webpage I found also otan tämän “I(‘ll) take/have this one”  and keittiö “kitchen”.

The www-page was in Japanese so I couldn’t figure out whether they had any connection to Finland besides the names.

Ehkä söpö “Maybe cute” Harajuku, Tokyo


Olohuone “Living room” in Tokyo or Osaka, can’t recall where, but anyway, sweet!


A Swedish bag I found at a store in Tokyo. It says “Can I use your phone?” I don’t know if people actually buy this stuff. Most Japanese wouldn’t probably even recognize the language. It could say basicly anything. Or maybe they google before they buy…


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