Chinese printing

I’ve been doig some work for my roommate’s business and this time we wanted to get boxes printed for tablet pc’s. I prepared a file with Illustrator and we took it to a printing shop. They made us a sample, it was accepted and the production could begin. They printed us a bit over 100 boxes…

The original logo for the print.
The original logo for the print.

However, someone at the printing shop decided to use his design skills by modifying the original logo. Some of the straight lines on the letters were made curvy and something weird happened for the lower part of the X-letter.

The new logo.
The new logo.

There was also some stuff between the paper and the box. The guys were eating rice while working?

Something between the box and paper.
Something between the box and the paper.

We suggested the printing place would just print out new paper/ sticker whatever to cover the boxes that were messed up, but they said they couldn’t do it, so we’re now waiting for whole new boxes. Looking forward for the result!

And btw none of us are professionals on graphic design, but aren’t the businesses supposed to do what we pay them for, not what they think might look cool? Especially when not informing the customer of the changes made on the design.

China is sometimes like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!

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