During my stay in China I had to of course visit the capital Beijing (北京). I didn’t really plan my trip, just booked one night in a hostel and took the train to the city. Later on my arrival night my three week-old iPhone broke down, so I had to came back to Shanghai already the next day. Two or three nights would have been enough time to see all the essential places, but with my Chinese skills, without internet or phone I just couldn’t do it. I recommend planning better than I did.

I didn’t know much about the city before going, I just wanted to see the great wall, which I had to pass due to my very limited schedule. But I got a couple of cool pictures to show. 🙂


Some Chinese flags at Tiananmen square.


Some kind of buildings.


Garden expo had all kinds of plants, trees and different styles of buildings. The admission fee was about 100 yuan, a bit pricey, but we only live once…


This was on my to do list right after the Great wall, the great Beijing duck! There was another one in Hong Kong before and now they’re everywhere. Since Chinese people love to copy, I’ve heard that they’ve made a lot of diffrent ducks for promotional purposes but I’ve never seen another big one besides this. A lot of stuffed animals with the same design are sold all over the country though.


Beijing is definitely worth visiting while in China. It’s often packed with (Chinese) tourists, but if you want to see something very Chinese, then Beijing is the place. In many ways Shanghai is like any big city, except for the location, but I could imagine living in Shanghai is more fun than in Beijing.


Air quality in Shanghai

The air quality in China and Shanghai is never the best possible, but right now it’s on its worst possibly ever. This is how the view from our balcony looked like today. It was already bad yesterday but this was something I had never seen before.


According to Business Insider and common sense the pollution is caused by the lack of wind, increasing amount of cars and factories working for Christmas season. Yesterday (Dec. 5th) the air quality index was somewhere around 400, which is hazardous. Today it was over 500, “beyond index”. 


My roommate said he had wanted to buy a mask but they were sold out everywhere. I’m just hoping the smog will pass asap, below a picture from about a month ago on a normal day and on the right side today.