Jigsaw puzzles

I’ve always had a thing on jigsaw puzzles. Ever since I was child I could spent hours sitting on the floor until the puzzle was finished. In general I like puzzles from 2000 pieces up, this one had 1000 pieces but I chose it because I wanted to try something…

I recently came up with an idea to combine my favorite hobbies, photography and puzzles. I’ve always taken pictures of my puzzles before putting them back into their boxes but now I wanted to try something different. I had never made timelapse videos before, but the idea of beign able to see the whole process from the beginning was fascinating.

I tried it out by making a three second clip when I was flipping the pieces and was surprised how easy it was. With the actual puzzle it was difficult to estimate how long it would take to finish, sometimes it takes four hours, sometimes more than ten. I shot one frame per minute in order to keep the film fairly short. It turned out pretty well for my first one but I noticed things I will have to take into account in the future so I also learned a lot from my little experiment.

Enjoy, there will be more to come!

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