Mount Mogan 莫干山

I was sorting out the pictures I took while living in Asia and finally decided to post some from the trip to Mount Mogan last fall. It was only a couple of hours away from shanghai and it was a very different experience of Chinese natre and culture. We satyed at a local hotel and had only real Chinese food during the two days, and besides the food I enjoyed the trip very much. It was really misty on the second morning when we climbed all the way up so I couldn’t get a clear picture of the whole view, but here’s something! The trip was arranged by Hutong School in Shanghai where I was taking Chinese classes at the time. They had other great activities too on a weekly basis and I highly recommend stydying there.

View from the top of Mount Mogan
Autumn leaves.
Waterfalls. A tripod would have been useful for this one.


There were many buildings around the mountain which some of were museums. We went inside some buildings but there were just old furniture and pictures on the walls. I didn’t take any pictures since it didn’t seem that special to me I enjoy more photographing nature, landscapes and such.

There were somekind of ribbons hanging from the trees, we didn’t figure out why but looks nice.
Forest mist


I would have loved to have this picture with a clear landscape view on the back. Sadly the weather wasn’t too good but I might go again one day. I’m going to graduate with a bachelor’s degree soon and will apply for master studies in other Nordic Countries, if I won’t get in anywhere I like I’ve decided to take a couple months off from work and go to Beijing for an intensve Chinese course and travel around the country. Not a bad option either. I’m still taking Chinese classes here in Finland but I’m learning soooo much more slowly than back in Shanghai. I will write about learning the language soon!


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