Today I finally graduated with a bachelors’ degree in business management! The graduation itself wasn’t too important for me, but I finally had a reason to buy myself a new dress. I wanted a dress with mid sleeves that I could wear at a ceremony during winter time. I found a really nice one from, with a bit of the spirit from 1920’s and a lot of sparkle.


I have tattoos on my arms and I wanted them to be covered. The dress worked great on that and it looked really nice on my pale skin.


The day before the ceremony I came across a big issue, I heard that Laurea UAS will be the first University of Applied Sciences in Finland that will make the graduating students to wear gowns… I’m quite strick about what I wear, I refused to buy the overalls students wear at parties at the beginning of my studies and this was something that would definitely not suit my style.


Although we were told to take gowns, I didn’t take one. One of my friends brought me one, but I still wasn’t willing to wear it. I was kind of nerveous and though that I’d be kicked out of the ceremony or something, but luckily no one complained. I kind of stood of the ground when shaking hands with the school president.


I’m happy to be finally done with scool. I’m applying to master programmes now, and will hopefully be out of Finland next fall again.



Independence Day

It was Independence Day in Finland last saturday, Dec. 6th. So I decided to bake a rainbow cake with Finnish flags on top. I chose the rainbow theme partly because same-sex marriage has been a big issue in Finland lately. And I see Finland in rainbow colors…  The cake turned out better than I expected, a bit too sweet though. I’ll try to come up with something as creative as this for Christmas.

Rainbow cake
Rainbow cake

Ps. I can’t wait until next thursday when I’ll be done with TOEFL, GMAT and graduation… Then I’ll have time to update this way more often, work on my jigsaw puzzles, etc.