Living in Umeå, Sweden!

My blog has been virtually dead after moving back to Finland from Asia. Didn’t have much to share, it was all the usual: school, puzzles, gym, work… I was accepted to a Master’s Degree program in Umeå University, northern Sweden and moved here about two months ago. Now it feels like I have something to share again.

In the past I’ve only lived either in or near large cities: Helsinki, New York, Paris, Seoul and Shanghai. Compared to these Umeå feels tiny. It felt nice and different for the first couple of weeks, but right now it just feels like I’ve had enough already. 😀 School is nice and everything is near, I never took a bus or train here, just my bike and it’s so weird. I’m still trying to stay positive, making nice food, going to gym everyday, drawing, movies, etc. I’m just about to check for flights to Finland around Christmas. And I don’t think I can stay here for the summer, unless I’m able to study or do something meaningful.


I admit, Helsinki / Vantaa / Espoo are not the coolest places to live in, but I really miss the city life, being able to buy almost anything without using the internet, and especially I miss pole dancing. If I go to the gym here and start stretching people stare at me and sometimes ask me how come I’m so flexible… Luckily there’s always plenty of schoolwork to do and I don’t actually regret coming here or anything, at least now I know what it’s like to live in a small (actually mid-sized) town. 😀

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