More Jigsaw Puzzles

I visited Finland for the holidays and took the advantage of my old room at my parents’ being empty. Most of my puzzles are at my dad’s storage room in Helsinki and I was too lazy to go there and get some more interesting ones, so I did this colorful one once again (it was probably the third time).

I wanted to make more time-lapse videos of my puzzles since here in Sweden I haven’t been able to do so. I left my Canon EOS 6D here since I had my 550D at my parents and that’s good enough for making simple videos. However, when I started I realized I had forgotten the quick release plate of my tripod on my 6D. I had brought my tripod to Finland just for this purpose and now I’d have to buy a new quick release plate, which I didn’t really need. They also cost like 20 € in Finland, which is 10 times more than it costs on Ebay. The same day my mom told me she had won some competition and had gotten a tripod and a bunch of other phone accessories and asked if I wanted to have them. I gladly accepted her offer! The tripod was designed for smartphones, it was made of plastic and was really light, so I wouldn’t put my 6D on that, but for the 550D it was fine.

The film turned out pretty well, though it has a different angle than the other films I have done, since the tripod was about 40 cm tall I couldn’t shoot from above as I normally would do. Check it out from below!

Before heading home I visited a really cool store here in Umeå that sells board games and jigsaw puzzles. To be honest I have never seen such a selection of puzzles anywhere else! I’ve lived abroad and traveled a lot and mostly in cities that are way bigger than Umeå, but always bought most of my puzzles from because of lack of variety in retail stores. But now I know where to go when I feel like puzzling. Though my roommate just returned from his one-month trip and I won’t be able to spread my puzzles allover the living room anymore…

I buy my puzzles based on the number of pieces, as well the design. 1000 pieces is usually not enough. I prefer puzzles that have between 1500 and 4000 pieces, since it won’t be over in four hours, but it won’t take several months either. Unfortunately 1000 pieces is the most common number.Star Wars jigsaw puzzle 3000I bought a 3000-pieces Star Wars puzzle from the store here, the dark parts were a bit too hard, or at least in the light we have here. But otherwise it was perfect! Star Wars jigsaw puzzle 3000Star Wars jigsaw puzzle 3000Puzzles are too much of fun to be shared with Finns only, so I wrote this one in English.

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