Getting fit for the summer – NOT

Summer is coming and it feels like everyone is adjusting their diet in order to prepare for the bikinis. Unfortunately, here in the north that’s not the case. Swedes celebrate Fettisdagen by eating semlor for three weeks in January and February. Of course I did that too, in both, Finnish and Swedish ways… But I’ve had enough semlor now until next year.

Laskiaispulla hillo
Finnish semla
Swedish semla

Finns also celebrate the birthday of Runeberg on February 5th. Of course by baking runebergin torttu. I made some for the first time and they turned out pretty good!

Runebergin torttuRunebergin torttu

I still enjoy my fruit and vegetable smoothies about five days a week, but I eat a lot of sweet stuff too. I probably won’t be wearing bikinis next summer, as my tattoo removal is still in progress, so I’ll just keep eating. 🙂

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