Korean cosmetics online

Cosmetics_online-2After moving to Umeå I’ve done more and more shopping online, since the options to shop here are rather limited. First it was just clothes from Zalando, but I continued with home decoration and recently, cosmetics. There is a  Kicks store at the center but I didn’t feel like taking the time to go there, so I bought stuff online instead. The thing about buying cosmetics online is that you cannot test them before you buy and once you have opened the package you can’t return them.

However, I wanted to take the risk and was happy with what I got.

Two face mall

I studied in South Korea for six months in 2013 and one of the things I’ve really been missing are the cosmetics. In Korea you get so much more with the money you have, compared to the nordic countries. Koreas are also extremely good at designing cute packaging, which for myself is part of the buying experience.

I wanted to order just a CC cream by Beyond, as I had had it before and it was the best CC cream ever. But just out of curiosity I ended up buying a lip tint as well, as they were very popular in Korea, but I had never tried one myself.

The shipping took a couple of weeks, which in my opinion is pretty much an average time it takes to get stuff up here to the north. I was very pleased for all the free samples I got with the only two things I had ordered. I like to try new things and free samples are probably the best way to do that. 😀


The CC cream wasn’t that interesting, as I knew what to expect from it, but the Etude House lip tint seemed rather weird at first. It was green! When putting it on, the color started to change and became a nice pink tone. Though I still have no idea why it should be green at first, someone, please tell me!


The Angel Aqua CC cream was as good as always, it doesn’t make my skin feel dry and the tone is nice and light. I rarely wear any lip make up, but really like the lip tint, as it doesn’t smudge like lip stick and lasts for hours. I use way too much lip balm and was able to add it after putting on the lip tint, which is great.

I will definitely buy more stuff from Korea as soon as I run out of these. I haven’t tried other online stores, but based on my experience, can recommend Two Face Mall. Though one idea for next summer would be to visit and come back with a bunch of cosmetics!

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