My TOP 7 Horror Films

I love movies. I named this blog after two of my favorite things: pink stuff and horror films. My love for horror started when I was about 10 years old. I watched a lot of horror until I was about 15, saw Poltergeist and got nightmares. I had enough and stopped watching horror until I was 19 and worked at a video rental. One night a man walked in and asked if we had Cannibal Holocaust and some other old horror films. I checked on the computer, but we had none of the films he had asked for. He then said he had seen some new horror film on our website but couldn’t recall the name. So we checked the website and found the film he was looking for. I asked if the movie was something similar to the ones he had first asked for and the answer was “Yes.” So I became curious and took another copy of it home. It was a French film called Frontier(s). I tried to watch it alone but couldn’t, I had never seen anything like it before. It was sick in my opinion, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre^100. Despite shocking me it made me curious, what else had I missed during the years I hadn’t seen any horror films?

So I started watching horror again. I listed my favorite ones here in a random order.

1. It

I think this was one of the first horror films I saw. I’ve never been afraid of clowns, but for many, Pennywise might have given nightmares.


2. Braindead

This is splatter and not scary, but hilarious, one of my favorite comedies as well.

BRAINDEAD FOR THE TICKET FEES APPLY!!! film movie September 2000 Timothy Balme

3. Martyrs

The French one, not the remake. Martyrs really shocked me. I had read a review on it when it was running on theaters and really wanted to see it. I moved to the US soon after and forgot about it, until a year later when I returned to Finland and started working at the video rental again. Martyrs was on DVD. I made my sister watch it with me and couldn’t believe how sick the whole idea was. It took me about two weeks to be able to sleep and eat properly again. Extremely well done movie though, and very different from the typical American horror films, where it’s dark and someone around the corner is trying to kill you.

4. The Conjuring

Very much a typical American horror film, but still really good. I like supernatural stuff and this one had it!960

5. Ils

French people know how to make good stuff. Although it was really dark and kind of resembled the “Americal style” to scare people, it really worked. I also appreciate that despite the lack of gore the film maintained its intensity from beginning till the end.

6. Låt den rätte komma in 

Not sure if this counts as horror, but a great film based on a great book. I saw the American version first by coincidence, thought it was good and googled it. Of course the original wasn’t American and I liked it even more.


7. The Shining

This is actually where it all started from. My parents used to have a lot of VCR cassettes with movies recorded from TV. The Shining was on the same cassette with Indiana Jones. I think I was 10 years old, home alone and wanted to watch Indiana Jones. I was going back and forth on the cassette, trying to find the beginning of the film. I hit play at a random spot and it was the elevator scene… I thought: “this must be a really good movie”. And it was, probably the best.