Bad Horror Films Top 5

I’ve always loved horror movies. Although I watch pretty much anything, horror has been my favorite genre since I was about 10. However, most horror films are crap and most of this crap comes from the US. No offense, but I’ve never seen a bad horror film from France, for instance. I watch a lot of bad horror films anyway, it’s relaxing when the film doesn’t evoke too much emotions and you don’t have to think how talented and intelligent some filmmakers are. And to me, choosing the movies to watch based on their IMDB rating (watching only the ones with high rating) is like eating the same food everyday, it gets boring after a while. Here are the five worst films that came to my mind when I thought of it.

One Missed Call ⭐️/5

A J-horror remake, the poster looked promising though. People (college students) receive phone calls where they hear themselves being murdered and try to solve the mystery.

Insidious ⭐️⭐️/5


Very typical American horror. A family moving into a new house and starting to hear noises, then demonologists (some kind of scientists) try to solve the situation. Towards the end the film becomes rather amusing, not sure if it’s like that on purpose though.

Green Inferno ⭐️⭐️/5


A modern (bad) version of Cannibal Holocaust.

House of Wax ⭐️/5

I think I’ve seen the original in my early teenage years. Kind of typical American style with college kids getting killed. Starring Paris Hilton.

Philosophy of a Knife 0/5


Can’t really say that I’ve seen this, as I stopped watching after an hour of so and fast-forwarded the rest of the film. It was all about bad torture scenes, it was difficult to follow and overall didn’t make any sense. At least not for myself. But if you’re into artistic stuff you might like it. I’m planning to watch some other productions of Andrey Iskanov soon, maybe they make more sense.

Jigsaw puzzles 💞

I’ve spent the Holidays in Finland with my books, friends and puzzles. I bought this one maybe five years ago and now did it again, it was just 1500 pieces and took way longer than I thought it would. People often ask me how long time my puzzles take. It’s impossible to give an answer, as it depends on the number of pieces, the shape of the pieces and the picture itself. Very symmetrical pictures with few colors are more difficult than ones with a lot of color and detail.

I’ve been trying to avoid buying new puzzles, as I have many and at the moment don’t have a place to keep them in, but it’s also nice to get back to the old ones.