Tattoo removals and cover-ups

So finally, after about 3 years, my “little” project is nearly finished! I’ve written about my tattoo removals earlier. As many others have said, I wouldn’t go through it again, but it was definitely worth it. I was never proud of this and for most of the time tried to hide my half-vanished tattoos, but as there are many others who are struggling with the same issue, I want to share my experience here.


Originally I had three gold fish tattooed on my arm. They were nicely done and everything, but felt too big and just didn’t suit my style. So I just felt that I had to do something about them, i.e. remove them. As I wrote on the previous post, I tried everything. YAG laser, Picosure laser and finally, Tatt2away. Most of the colors vanished quite fast, just some yellow was left, which would be easy to cover with new tattoo. Although black is supposed to be the easiest color to remove, it only came of partially with the lasers. Tatt2away took a lot of it out, however it did leave scars. As I’ve never had keloids or anything, I wasn’t too worried about it, they would most likely fade over time. And they did.

So I’ve now had most of the old picture covered with a new one. It’s a peacock, that matches better my colorful style and existing tattoos. I had it done at Kajaste art in Tallinn, Estonia. They’ve specialized in realistic tattoos and do really great work. I’ve previously had my feet tattooed there, so I knew what to expect. I’m going to do a one more session for adding some feathers to cover the rest of the old tattoo in June. But already now I’m really happy with the result.


The bigger and more painful project, yet, less visible was my rib piece. The picture above is after two sessions: the lines and some coloring. I had it done at LR tattoo in Helsinki, as I really like the style they do. And due to the painfulness of the spot I don’t want anything realistic that takes a long time. The picture below after three sessions with more color. I had my fourth session a bit over week ago and still waiting it to be fully healed. The next session should be the last one.

I’ve used a numbing cream called TKTX before the tattooing begins and a liquid called super juice during tattooing. It’s been a big help as the tattoo is on a really sensitive area and after all the lasering just the idea of needles on the area feels horrible. But with the right numbing stuff the pain is tolerable.

These might be my last larger tattoos. I’ve done a few smaller ones during the removals, including the jigsaw puzzle and the text you can see on my forearms. So I still like tattoos, and feel that they’re a part of who I am, a way to express myself and things I like. But with about 15 of them, I think I now have all the ones I’ve wanted. I’ll post another update after my cover-ups are complete to show the final result.