I’m done with my orthodontics!

Some of the more unpleasant things in my life I’m now done with… Orthodontics! Also a three-year-process, though originally estimated to be 1,5 to 2 years. The first couple of months were definitely the worst. The braces were rubbing against my cheeks and from time to time it felt like my whole mouth was bleeding. Speaking was hard, though it only took a couple of weeks to get over the difficulties in pronunciation. One of the reasons why I waited until my adulthood was that I was scared how they would look like and would they make me less attractive. Would people take seriously an adult with braces? But as I got used to them I didn’t really think about them and people rarely commented on them. Probably most people wouldn’t even notice them. My teeth are pretty long and the brackets were glued so high up I had to smile really wide in order them to be visible. Also, having white brackets in my upper teeth made them slightly less visible. As I wrote on a post last spring, moving to Sweden made things a bit complicated. As Damon orthodontics aren’t really common in Finland and Sweden, finding a dentist here wasn’t easy. I had started in Oral in Helsinki and was really happy with the place from the beginning. Although it was a lot of pain, I could see a constant progress, which kept me motivated over time. There was no Damon dentist in Umeå, so I ended up in a place called Smajla in Stockholm. Smajla turned out to be a place I would not recommend to anyone and there was very little, if any progress after my visits there.So I returned to my dentist in Finland. As I couldn’t visit as often as earlier, the treatment took longer than expected, but finally It’s over. I have a wire behind my lower teeth to keep them in place and it’ll stay there until I die. I also have a retainer I wear at night and sometimes during the days. It makes speaking slightly difficult so if I know I have to do a lot of talking I just don’t wear it.At the end I’m happy that I finally have nice teeth. However, I was expecting the change to be bigger. Although I have straight teeth, my looks didn’t change that much. My teeth are still the same shape and one of my upper tooth is shorter than the one on the other side. They looked more symmetrical when they were twisted, but now the difference is more noticeable. Though, I’m planning to get a plastic extension on it in the future. I’m also whitening my teeth at the moment. So at the end, I’m happy that I did this. When getting started, two years felt like a long time and one of my friends thought I was insane for putting stuff in my mouth for such a “long” time. But time flies and hopefully, the results last for a lifetime. As I had a pretty bad overbite, sooner or later I most likely would have had to fix it anyway. One negative aspect I noticed after having braces for a few months was that I couldn’t whistle anymore. As my teeth had been changing positions, the airflow had also changed. So that’s something I have to learn again, I guess. 😗

After braces, pre-whitening.

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