Traveling and moving around took almost a decade of my life!

It’s finally starting to feel like I’m settling down somewhere. I somehow expected that it would be Finland, just didn’t believe that I’d have what it takes to live and work abroad. But here I am, in the capital of Scandinavia: Stockholm! The past two years I’ve only traveled between Finland, Sweden and Estonia, as studying and working took most of my time. But now, a trip to Miami and New York is coming up in May and I’m super excited!I’ve been browsing through some old pictures and noticed how much I’ve developed as a photographer and how sad it now feels that I wasn’t able to document all my adventures properly, which is something I’ve improved a lot, but there’s still a long way to go. We’re never ready or perfect. I started this blog when I moved to Korea, but somehow didn’t know what I supposed to write or post here. At that time I thought all blogs were just about fashion and lifestyle content that just felt too shallow to me. Later on, writing a blog for Study in Sweden really helped to grow as a writer, although I couldn’t focus on my own blog while writing there.The biggest downsides of the lifestyle that sometimes has made me feel like I have an ADHD, having no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going, have been the lack of stability, both financially and with interpersonal relationships. Especially now when the constant urge for moving around and living out of a suitcase has vanished and I’d want to buy an apartment hopefully not too far in the future, but it feels like some major parts of me are still somewhere else than Sthlm. But I guess I’ve finally grown old enough to think further than next month. And I have been thinking, what if things would have gone as I originally planned: getting some boring job in Finland, getting married and having children around 25… I mean, happiness is really a matter of state of mind and I’m sure my life could be as happy as it is now, but I’m also pretty sure I’d feel I’d have missed out on something.Strangely, I couldn’t find any New York pictures, although I lived there for a year. So that’s one thing on my to-do list for the next trip, another one is to check out some thrift stores.And about feeling sorry for all the time I’ve “waisted”: at the end, I don’t think that our biggest regrets will be how much time and money we spent on exploring the world. I don’t think my last thoughts will be: “I’d be at least 2000 euros richer if I hadn’t done that South Korea exchange!” I feel I have the kind of richness money can’t buy.

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