Book of the Month: The Copywriting Sourcebook

Nobody buys this over-hyped style of copywriting any more.

I’ve never considered myself a good writer, but been aiming to improve the past few years. And this could have been one way to do it. The Copywriting Sourcebook by Andy Maslen provides you with guidelines on writing copy from corporate brochures to marketing emails and Google AdWords. Though it felt like it didn’t really make sense to read it like a novel, it would have been really useful when actually writing. But I’d recommend purchasing it if you often need guidelines for writing in different contexts.Nothing mind-blowing really, but the book definitely gave a good perspective on most common contexts where a good copy is needed. The book was especially good in describing what kind of tone to use and why. For most parts still valid information today, but as the world of communication is moving forward and developing at an extremely fast pace, it has the potential to expire. Though that’s also an opportunity for a new edition. More or less the same information and advice (and more) could also be Googled just as easily, but if you want all the essentials in one package, this might be the perfect one.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5

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