Movie of the Week: Hereditary


Finally, I had the courage to watch this! And it wasn’t actually as scary as I  thought it would be. I appreciate horror films that are different from the typical American ones, where people are beautiful, it’s dark all the time and someone is chasing you and trying to kill you. Hereditary had a little bit similar vibe to the VVitch, or Rosemary’s baby and I really enjoyed watching it.

Toni Collette plays Annie, a mother of two, who’s life is stressful because of an upcoming art exhibition,  and her mother passing away. Her family has a history in mental illness and at the beginning it seems like she’s going insane, especially after her daughter dies in an accident, after which, very strong things start to happen. Collette does an excellent job in the leading role, at times, screaming better than Wendy in the Shining. Surprisingly, the end of the film didn’t feel scary anymore, rather peaceful. Everyone was dead, except for the son, Peter, who then becomes possessed so the heredity can pass on.

Although a great deal of the scenes were dark and some standard elements within the horror genre were present in Hereditary, such as possession, an old book and symbols, Hereditary succeeded in being unique. Also, I can’t remember seeing nudity in an American horror film since the Shining.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 5

10 things Finland is known for in Sweden


1. Horrible accent when we speak in a foreign language. And when we speak Swedish we sound like the characters in the Moomin cartoons. Some Swedes can’t stand it and some have fetish towards it. Either way, most make fun of it. And here’s a sample of a Finn (from Finland’s most popular Youtube channel) speaking English:

2.Jävla temperament” when a Finn is upset it can be dangerous.

3. Quietness. When we’re not upset, or drunk, we’re quiet and awkward.

4. Koskenkorva, or as we say in Finland “kossu”. My last name used to be Koskivaara and terribly often Swedes made an association between my name and this lovely vodka-like hard liquor.


5. Knives. This was a more well-known fact in Umeå, which is located right across from Pohjanmaa. Messing around with knives was a popular activity in the region during the 19th century. I’m from Helsinki so I never saw this in myself.

6. Good selection curse words, for instance, Saatana, vittu, perkele… There aren’t many good ones in Swedish so they sometimes borrow ours.

7. Moomin trolls. The characters from the books and comics by Tove Jansson are for sure Finlands gift to the world.

8. Sauna: the winter is long, dark and cold, so we have to find alternative sources of heat.

9. Nokia, it was once so great.

10. Education: it’s the best in the world! So: “why study in Sweden and not Finland?” people like to ask. I always clarify that it’s the elementary and middle schools that are so great, after that the quality isn’t guaranteed anymore.

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#1995 🔮

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But no one in Sweden remembers what happened at Globen in 1995… Do you?