A Chinese menu

Surprisingly in China there are Chinese restaurants. There’s one across the street from where I live, quite nice, pretty cheap and with an interesting menu!


Last night I decided to try “stupid eggs”. I liked them for two reasons, first, they made me feel smart, second, for once there was enough salt to match my heart attack taste. Very nice!


I also gave a try for “Burning hot mushroom, chinese cabbage and edible fungus”. I was fascinated by the “edible fungus” I never knew they’d serve inedible stuff in a restaurant, bit hey it’s China! There was a lot of garlic but “burning hot”? I don’t think it was…


They also had dishes called “Burn double mushroom” and “Spicy and flesh and blood”. Sounds delicious but I thought it would have been a bit too exotic, so I saved those for my next visit.

The dish called “Dry pan bacteria mushroom chicken wings”,  seemed pretty interesting, but I didn’t feel like a food poisoning tonight, plus I’m still kind of trying to be a vegetarian so I skipped that one.



So here it is! Stupid eggs, edible fungus, etc… I also had some rice which I was able to order with my fluent Chinese. I also wanted a diet coke but from what I understood they didn’t have it, so I had a regular coke instead. The coke wasn’t sweet enough, but other than that I enjoyed my meal very much.


Of course there was too much food for one person to eat at once, so I took the rest home. Enough for the next two days!