New York Highlights

New York 2018-11Finally had the time for putting together the best things I managed to see here. I easily could have spent three weeks in New York, but as I only had two weeks of vacation (and wasn’t ready to spend all my money on traveling) I only had four full days in the Big Apple. And as sadly, my flight from Florida was delayed for 18 hours, so I lost pretty much a full day of time.

Also, I would have loved to just stroll around the city with my camera without too much planning. And the bad weather had an impact on my trip too. Next time I might skip the sun and beaches of Florida and head straight to New York, everything you can ever want is there. I actually lived in Larchmont, about 30 mins from Manhattan for a year, working as an Au Pair, so I’ve spent quite a lot of time in the city back in the days and never got bored. So this is what I managed to see and experience!

Public library

New York 2018-2I actually ended up here after escaping the rain into a clothing store in the next block… I started checking on Google Maps to see if there was anything interesting near by and The  New York Public Library seemed like a nice option. Luckily, I didn’t get stuck there for too long like the group in The Day After Tomorrow. But it was amazing to see, would love to study in a place like this. New York 2018


New York 2018-3Something I wasn’t particularly interested in when living in the US, but something I became super interested in after living in Shanghai. Felt a little bit like home with so many people not speaking good English, everything written in Chinese and shops full of Chinese souvenirs. My brief exploration of Chinatown was amazing. I had lunch in a Chinese restaurant and simply explored the Chinese culture in the middle of New York City. New York 2018-4

Coney Island

New York 2018-5Another thing I never visited back when living in Larchmont. I love amusement parks and fairs. Sadly the weather ruined everything as it was super cold and nothing was open. But Coney Island was, for sure, one of the prettiest places I’ve seen in the US. Would love to visit it properly on a better weather. New York 2018-6


 Museum of the City of New York  I took a quick visit here after reading there was an exhibition of photographs by Stanley Kubrick. I was interested to see how one of the greatest film directors of all time started his career by working for Look Magazine. I really liked the photographs documenting the city life in New York back in the late 1940’s.  New York 2018-7

New York 2018-8As my time in New York was very limited, I had to choose carefully which museums to visit. I didn’t want to visit the ones I had already been to, and having always had an interest towards the Native American cultures, I chose to visit National Museum of the American Indian.New York 2018-9It was mostly native american artifacts and I found it interesting, but most likely wouldn’t visit again. Instead, I definitely would visit again American Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I visited years ago. One day just isn’t enough for either of them, but I wanted to focus on new destinations this time.New York 2018-10I also did a bunch of shopping at Macy’s after realizing how much better the prices were there than here in Sweden… And I took day trip to Larchmont to visit the family I lived in back in the days. It was crazy to see how much the kids had grown and to realize how fast time flies. And after all this, with just under 1 000 000 people, Stockholm felt tiny.

Florida Adventures

FloridaI wrote previously how it’s been a few years since I traveled properly and how I previously spent years living abroad and traveling! So I finally got a chance to travel outside the Nordic Countries: Florida and New York. So here are the highlights of the trip from May. As the trip was quite hectic I didn’t have a chance to write an update on everything I got to experience. But here are the best parts of Florida combined into one post. New York coming up soon. 🏙


I originally booked flights to Miami, but as the plans changed I rebooked it to Tampa. I had to pay for the rebooking, but the cost was more or less the same as booking a new flight or other transportation to Miami. The reason for all this was that we were a group of 6-10 people and finding suitable Airbnb housing was a bit of a challenge. So the locations we traveled to were basically based on where we could find housing.TampaI had been in Florida once before and visited Disney World and Kennedy Space Center, so for this trip I didn’t have much wishes. And with a large group of people I simply find it easier to go with the flow. We rented a car, so we drove around quite a lot. And the first evening the rest of the group picked me up from the airport and we drove straight to a beach. The sunset was one of the prettiest ever.

Fort Mayers

IMG_8960This was basically a day trip to the beach. We took some fun pictures and had drinks, but that was pretty much it. Fort Myers isn’t really a major city in Florida, but I guess there would have been other interesting things as well. On the other hand, coming from the Nordics, sun and beaches were pretty much exactly what I wanted. Fort MayersAt this point we were 6 people, so we could still fit into one car and the group was pretty easy to manage. Florida_2018-42


I would have loved to deeper explore the Everglades National Park, we only had time to see just a tiny piece of it. But maybe next time I’ll manage to get on an airboat and drive deeper into the swamps. Though we were pretty lucky to see several alligators!Everglades 2018We had a brief tour with a local guide that taught us a lot of new about alligators and other species of the area. Most of the stories we’ve heard about alligators are scary and they’ve been portrayed as beasts that eat pretty much anything they come across isn’t exactly true. Humans aren’t easy food for alligators so they attack mostly when threatened or if humans have fed them and they’ve developed an association between humans and food. However, you should keep a safe distance!Everglades_Alligators.jpg

Key West

For me, this was probably the highlight of the trip. I visited Key West on my last trip, but the only thing I could remember was that it was HOT. So during the warmest months it might not be the most comfortable place to visit. But this time the temperature was perfect. Although I’ve lived most of my life in the northern parts of the planet, I really enjoy hot weather and about +28 C is perfect. Key West-2.jpgI knew about the southernmost point of the continental United States, but something I didn’t know about Key West was that it has a large gay community. And I also hadn’t realized that even the crosswalks had rainbow colors.

Key_west 2018
Of course the beach was also very nice

Fort Lauderdale 

The final destination of our trip. The reason for traveling was actually my friend’s birthday  And this is where we celebrated. The Airbnb house right next to the water with a pool was super nice. Fort Lauderdale2-2 copyThe house also had a barbecue place and a terrace, so we could have a nice dinner with some drinks. We then went to a bar for some more. That was actually the only time I went out clubbing during the trip. I definitely can’t deal with alcohol the same way as I did in my early twenties and prefer sleeping and waking up early, which is kind of nice. Although I kind of miss living a party life like I did back in Paris and Korea. Fort Lauderdale-2I’m hoping to do some more traveling soon (as soon as I stop my seven-day-workweek routine). I’d love to head back to Asia for some Korean cosmetics and bubble tea! Fort Lauderdale4-2